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Countertop Installation


Countertop Installation Service in Durango, CO

Natural stone countertops, vinyl countertops, or some other kind of countertop? That is a question a lot of homeowners in Durango, CO ask themselves when they are building a new house or remodeling their existing home. Most have an open mind when they initially ask the question. But, when faced with the facts, they quickly fall in love with Durango Home Improvement LLC natural stone countertops once they discover all of the amazing benefits.

Here are just some of the benefits of Durango Home Improvement LLC countertops:

  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Higher durability
  • Unique patterns
  • Increased home value
  • Flexibility for many home uses
home Remodeling

Durango Home Improvement LLC offers granite, marble and soapstone countertops that immediately transform your kitchen or bathroom from good to great. While aesthetics may be subjective, the tangible response people in the La Plata County area have to natural stone countertops is always positive because they look so great. Our natural stone countertops last a lifetime. They are incredibly durable, require minimal maintenance and can withstand the spills, accidents and mishaps that occur daily. Hot cups of coffee, spilled wine, and even slicing knives rarely damage granite, marble, or soapstone.

With Durango Home Improvement LLC of Durango, CO, no two slabs of granite, marble or soapstone are exactly alike. This means you can truly create a one of a kind kitchen or bathroom by choosing them for your countertops. We can help you find a color and design pattern that fits the personality and character of any room.

Of all the countertop materials available to you with Durango Home Improvement LLC, none will enhance the overall value of your home like natural stone. Granite, marble, and soapstone are always desirable and always in style. They are timeless but at the same time contemporary.

home Remodeling

Because each slab of natural stone is cut specifically for your counters, you can incorporate them into any design you desire. If you want a kitchen island that is shaped like a T or a round vanity in your closet, Durango Home Improvement LLC can cut your slab of granite, marble, and soapstone to order. With natural stone, you truly have the flexibility to design the counters of your dreams. If you are asking to install natural stone or some other kind of countertop, connect with Durango Home Improvement LLC in Durango, CO and find a unique slab that is right for you and your home.